September 9

We Are Really Fortunate

The scriptures say that it is very, very difficult to get a human birth. We see millions of various species of life, but to be born as a human being is very rare. It’s still more difficult to have a sane mind in a sound body. We must understand that well. It’s not just an accident that we are in this beautiful, human frame. Certainly we have done millions and millions of meritorious deeds to qualify ourselves for this.

A human birth is the only birth in which we can get liberated from the ocean of samsara or the constant ups and downs of life. This is our chance. This is the earning and learning place. That is why a human birth is a rare, rare privilege given to us. But that is only one of the three greatest blessings.

Even though you may have these things, the scriptures say to have a thirst to know the truth is even more rare. We see millions of people with a sound body and sane mind who have a thirst to accumulate a little money, name, fame. Name comes and goes. Money comes and goes. Even beauty comes and goes. A few wrinkles make us look old. So what is permanent? Only those things that are permanent are truth. The quest for the permanent, for the truth, is very rare.

Even if you have a human birth and the thirst to know the truth, there is something that is still more rare. To have someone to tell you where the truth is: a spiritual guide. There are many teachers who can help you to earn a little money, who can help you to beautify yourself or to get a little knowledge, but the ultimate truth is to be shown only by someone who has experienced the truth with the help of another person who got the truth. This truth passes from person to person. Spiritual teachers are very rare; and if you are lucky enough to find one you should realize how fortunate you are. That’s how I felt when I met my Master. We are really fortunate to have such guidance and to remember his teachings and his greatness, how he shed light to millions of people without even leaving the Himalayas. 

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