September 28

Self-healing Is Possible

We should know that the breath—the prana, or life force—and the mind are intertwined. Wherever one goes, the other follows. When the mind becomes agitated, the breath becomes agitated. When the mind is totally peaceful, the breath almost comes to a stop. So in the same way you can direct the prana with your thoughts.

For example, if you look at your thumb and think, “I am going to make the thumb warm,” think “warm,” and not “hot,” or you might get a blister. Yes. If your thinking is very concentrated and you are totally one-pointed as you send your thoughts to the thumb, all of the prana and blood will rush there, and you will get heat. In that way, you can send the vital energy wherever you want.

The same principle applies to healing also. By sending your thoughts to any affected part, you send your prana. Self-healing is possible. In a way, even when you pray for healing that’s what you are doing. You trust that the higher power, God, is helping you to heal that. And you believe it, is it not so? So you are communicating with the higher power, and that energy automatically goes to the affected part along with your little energy.

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