September 24

How Many People
Go to Jerusalem for a Picnic?

Everything can be a pilgrimage. Even going from this building to the next building can become a pilgrimage. Yes. It’s all in your attitude. Unfortunately, you only call it a pilgrimage when you travel to a holy place because that’s the only time you feel that way. It’s the feeling that makes it a pilgrimage. How many people go to Jerusalem for a picnic? Just because it’s a holy city, that doesn’t mean everyone who goes there is on a pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage is in the mind. If you could create the same attitude even while going around your own city, it would be a pilgrimage. If you go to New York and come back, it’s a pilgrimage if you go with the right attitude. Where do you want to go for a pilgrimage? You don’t need to go to Mount Kailash nowadays. If you just walk back and forth across the street in New York a few times you will face more obstacles and more danger. Just walk along Broadway; how many distractions are there, how many obstructions? So it is the attitude with which you go that makes the difference.

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