September 22

Little by Little, the Peace Will Come

Peace is not just in the hands of a few individuals. Every one of us can do something. When there are more peaceful individuals, the world becomes more peaceful. So let it begin within oneself. In one sense, it’s almost impossible to make the whole world peaceful. The world is not created that way. It has differences, varieties, though the basis is the same, the spirit is the same. God created everything and everybody differently. We need all kinds of people to make the world drama go well. Even the terrible sinner has a place. We have no right to condemn anyone. But we can set good examples for others to follow.

The world is full of ups and downs, positive and negative. It’s like a big factory. Human beings come in as raw material, and they are in the process of becoming perfect. Look at a Detroit car factory. At one end you see the beautiful finished cars, ready to be shipped out, but what do you see at the other end? All crude, raw materials. Metal sheets, nuts and bolts, that go through processing. A lot of cutting, chipping, rubbing, scrubbing, chiseling, filing, grinding, welding, pressing. Slowly, it takes shape. People are like that also. That’s what you call evolution or growth. Through that we gain experience, we learn. Even a sinner is there to show you what is not to be done. That person is an example for you. By seeing him or her, you realize, “Oh, I shouldn’t do that.”

So it’s really not possible to find the world one hundred percent peaceful at any given moment. But people can individually find peace, and then set examples for others. Little by little, little by little, the peace will come. This document has been composed with the online HTML editor. Use the online visual HTML editor will help you a lot while you are working on your articles.

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