September 21

Link Yourself with an Unlimited Capacity

Your destiny is your own creation. It’s because you’re the master of your destiny, and you did it, that you can always undo it. When you have the capacity to do something, don’t you have the capacity to undo it? So trust in that capacity, and then go forward.

Sincerity in seeking comes only when you know that you have a limited capacity. Then you link yourself with an unlimited capacity. Asking for help also is like that. Only when you say, “I can’t do it anymore, please help me,” does the help come.

Sometimes God seems to be hard-hearted. God waits until you really, really give up. Until then, your prayers are not really sincere. They may be beautiful. You may sing nice songs. You may have a good voice. Your chants may be wonderful, your Indian chants or Gregorian chants. But when you cry, you don’t worry about your voice, about the tune, about a pitch. It’s simply, “Oh, my God, please!” You shout it. Yes.

And that is what you call sincere prayer. It should come from the very heart, not from the head. That prayer is heard immediately. So let’s become that kind of seeker. Let’s be sincere and serious. We should be totally convinced that, “I am nothing. My capacities are very limited. Without that unlimited source I can’t do much.” It’s that energy that makes this body sit here today, and that body sit there. We are all being used by the same energy.

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