September 2

Burdens Are Simply Rocks in the Mind

When you know why you are living and why you are working, that will give you strength. If you enjoy living, you enjoy working; the joy itself is enough to put a lot of strength in you. If you don’t enjoy living and working, life becomes a burden to you and weakens you. People who don’t enjoy their activities get tired very soon. If you really enjoy what you are doing, you will never get tired. Feeling tired is mainly in the mind. When you don’t like something, it becomes very heavy to you. You carry it as a burden.

Suppose you are asked to carry a big rock. You might say, “Oh, it’s too much, I can’t carry it.” But suppose I give you a big bundle of gold coins even heavier than that rock? Somehow you will find the strength to drag it. That shows that burdens are simply rocks in the mind.

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