September 18

This Is a Cosmic Mission

If you simply put your trust completely in that great force, all your burdens will be lifted. You will be led to perform your mission. You should know that you have been sent here for a purpose. It’s not that you decided one fine morning, “Let me go and take birth in America or on this planet.” You did not decide that. Someone else has decided, “You should go, take birth in such-and-such a place with a certain identity.”

And there is a purpose for that. “I am sending you to do this and this and this and this. Until that is over, I will keep you there. Once the job is over, I will fire you.” In a way we are all hired by a higher authority. And we have to do our part. Once the job is over, you will be called in. God is a great economist also. God will not waste even an ounce of extra breath on you. Yes. It’s all measured; God sent you packaged with a certain amount of breath.

So it’s not our job. This is a cosmic mission. We are all doing our part. Let us do it consciously. “It’s all God’s work. God has sent me to do something. God has given me all the necessary things to fulfill my job, to perform my duty; and God is behind me making me do things also. I don’t have to worry about anything.”

We unnecessarily take many a responsibility upon our shoulders: “I have to do this. I’m responsible for it.” No. None of us is responsible for anything. If we have any responsibility, it is to know the Truth. Let us know the Truth. “My responsibility is to know who sent me and for what purpose, and to allow that unseen hand to function through me.” Don’t put up impediments. God is going to make you do it anyway, so why not just do it comfortably instead of saying, “No, I can’t, I can’t.”

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