September 15

We Are All Walking Temples

Worshipping God does not mean that God is in front of you and you worship God directly. Serving people is worshipping God; doing things for people is doing things for God. The great saint Thirumular said, “If you worship in the stationary temple, it only reaches God there; it won’t reach God in the walking temples. But if you worship God in the walking temples, it will also reach God in the stationary one.” We are all walking temples. Your body is your temple. God is inside you and your heart is the altar.

That means service to humanity is worship of God. If you worship God only in the church or synagogue, humanity is not going to be benefited. God doesn’t need your service. God doesn’t need a temple. There is God in everyone. If you give someone some food, you are offering it to the God residing in him or her. If you repair a vehicle, you are repairing it so that God can drive around. The real reward in doing things is seeing how many others will be benefited by them.

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