September 14

It’s Super Surrender

Question: Do we have to accept whatever karma comes, or can we try to change it a little bit?

Sri Gurudev: If we know that we are instruments, and nothing is in our hands, then accepting and changing are not in our hands either. It’s very simple. If you are prompted to accept, then accept it. If you are prompted to change, then change it. Even that will be prompted. Something will tell you, “Come on, go ahead and try to change it.” Then your answer should be, “Okay, God, if that’s what You want, let me do it with Your backing. You are prompting me, so I am doing it.”

It’s super surrender, and life is really beautiful that way. All you have to do is follow God’s lead. The brush never tells you, “Oh, touch here, touch there, use a broader stroke.” You simply be the brush, and let God paint whatever God wants. God is seeing the whole picture, and it will be a masterpiece.

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