September 13

That’s Why It’s Called a Dream

Don’t worry too much about dreams. If you have a dream about someone else—about his or her health, or whatever it is—it’s just a warning. It need not always come true. So you can just tell the person, “I feel that you should be a little more careful.” There’s nothing wrong in advising someone that way. Even if the dream is a false dream, he or she doesn’t lose anything by being a little more careful. You are not hurting anyone.

If the dream is about you and there is something that you can do to be more careful, do it. If the dream doesn’t make any sense, just drop it. Not all dreams are absolute truth. Some are meaningless. The mind functions on various levels. So don’t worry too much about it. You yourself will know clearly, “Yes, these are some of the dreams that I should pay attention to. I should be more careful.” If you don’t find any sense to some of the dreams, ignore them.

If God wants to speak to you through a dream, God will give some clarity also. God will not tell you something without enabling you to understand it. If you don’t really understand, you could say: “God, I don’t know why the dream came. If it is the one that You sent me, I don’t seem to understand. Maybe tomorrow night You can clarify it.” Otherwise just drop it. Anything that you don’t clearly understand, just ignore; because a dream need not always be true. That’s why it’s called a dream.

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