September 10

What Is God?

What is it that you are seeking as a spiritual seeker? Spirit. Then you should see everything in these terms: “Is it spirit or non-spirit? Is it God? Is it peaceful or peaceless? Is it permanent or changing?” Every minute you should discriminate, “Will this disturb my peace, or help me to retain it?” If anything comes to you, your first and foremost question should be, “Is this going to disturb my peace?” If so, then don’t accept it.

You don’t avoid such things to get more peace. Nothing can add more peace. Things can either disturb your peace or just be there without disturbing your peace. That’s all. Either this or that. If something is going to disturb your peace, you should question, “Why should this disturb my peace? It’s not disturbing the other person’s peace. Is there anything wrong with the thing or with me?” Then you realize, “Yes, the mistake is with me. The thing by itself is not going to disturb me.”

You can have all the wealth in the world and still not get disturbed by anything. On the other hand, you can renounce everything except one tiny little item and lose your peace over that one thing.

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