September 1

Gurudev’s Prayer

September 1 Reading

by Sri Swami Satchidananda | Click play button to listen

Question: Could you suggest a prayer that would strengthen one’s spirit when facing the difficulties of daily living?

Sri Gurudev: Would you like to know my prayer? My prayer is very simple. “God, I know that it is all Your form. It’s all Your name. It’s all Your deed. And it’s all for good.”

You are an instrument in the hands of the Super Consciousness; it functions through you as an individual consciousness. You are a little cell, and that Cosmic Consciousness makes you function. You don’t do anything, so why worry about anything? All you have to do is know, “Yes, God is working through me. Credit or demerit goes to God. I am not responsible. I am simply an instrument. God, I know You are the One who is using me.”

If your life is like that, if you fully realize this truth, where is the difficulty for you? You are not even giving yourself into the hands of God. Who are you to even give? Simply know that you are already in the hands of God. Would you have any burden in life after such a realization? No. How peaceful you would be, how happy you would be.

So that’s my prayer, “God, let me always remember that it is You and You alone working through this instrument. Whatever comes should go to You. It’s not mine. People may praise me. Fine, the praise is Yours. By putting a garland around my neck, they are really honoring You. They may kick me out; it’s You they are kicking. You are the one doing the kicking too. Having created me, You get the kick out of it. Why should I worry about it?”

I tell you, that’s the simplest way. You can be totally, totally free from any problem in life. I’m positive about that.

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