October 9

If You Have Complete Faith,
One Mantra Is Enough for Everything

Through sound you can create anything. There’s no limit. The whole universe was created with sound. That is the power of the mantra. But, unfortunately, many who have a mantra don’t even seem to realize its power. If you do not have faith in it, even though it’s powerful, you will not experience it. When you don’t have faith, naturally you will not repeat it much. Whether you have faith in it or not, if you put your finger in the fire it will burn. But you have to put your finger in the fire to get the experience.

Whether you believe in the mantra or not, repeat it. Then you’ll know what it can do. The smaller the mantra, the bigger the power. Anything that is atomized gets more power. The more powerful mantras will take a little longer time to bring the benefit. But of course your faith will enhance it; it gets a little more charged with a little love. The other way is very dry, but still, if you keep repeating it the faith will come. It will come whether you want it to or not.

You don’t need to have a lot of mantras for different purposes. No. Sometimes, when you say, “Oh, he is starting a journey, let’s repeat a special mantra for his safety,” I laugh at it, but I say, “All right, let them do it.” Why a special mantra all of a sudden? What happened to your own mantra? Can’t your personal mantra take care of that journey? It will take care of everything. The personal mantra is enough; but sometimes our faith in our own mantra is limited. We think that unless we repeat something especially for that purpose, it won’t be useful. So for that sake, all right, go ahead, do it. But if you have complete faith, one mantra is enough for everything. It will take care of all of your trips, your problems, your diseases—or even someone else’s. That’s why you don’t need to have so many things; just have faith, faith, faith. 

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