October 8

It All Boils Down to This One Thing

A great saint by the name of Manickavasagar said, “Lord, You know what I want. And You will give me everything that I need. If by any chance, with my own little egoistic self, I feel that I want something, I should know that even that want is created by You. Without You, I wouldn’t even have a want. If it is my want, it will never get fulfilled. So I leave it to You. You give me whatever You need for Your service. The minute You think that I have finished with that tool and I don’t need it anymore, take it away.”

It all boils down to this one thing: faith in a higher power. An unseen hand that constantly molds. “You put me here, I am here. You gave me this job, I am doing it.” There’s no superiority, inferiority. No “How come he is doing that, while I am doing this?” No. God selects each one for work and gives various jobs to various people. Everything is equally great. There is nothing superior or inferior. Do every job joyfully as God’s work. In the process of working, if your mind goes through some turmoil, suspicion or doubt, it will get cleared up when you meditate. All the problems that you created in your doing are undone by meditating. That’s why meditation is so important.

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