October 5

You Are the Pure Spirit

You are the pure spirit. The body was created; it is part of the nature. But do not identify yourself as the body. That becomes a good excuse for us sometimes. A good excuse to be a lazy person. Heaven and hell are within; they are your own creation. You create your own Satan, your own darkness. Do not get caught up in all these things.

Always identify yourself as the pure spirit. “I am using the body, using the mind.” “Chidanand Chidanand Chidananda Ham. Hara Halume Alamastu Sat Chid Ananda Ham.” That means: “I am not the body, not the mind, Immortal Self I am!” Sing it loud! Especially when you feel that your mind is a little depressed and you have allowed yourself to be affected by that. Instead, get up and say, “I am not the body, not the mind, Immortal Self I am! In all conditions I am Knowledge-Bliss Absolute!” Shout! Shake off the darkness. Remember your True Nature!

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