October 30

Play, Play, Play

The origin of thought is the Cosmic Mind itself, which we call God. It is God who thought of creating. Since then, thoughts are here. As long as there is mind, there will be thoughts. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. Even the idea of working toward the thoughtless state itself is a thought: “I want to be thoughtless.” It’s not that we are trying to do away with the thoughts. What we want is to have the right thoughts, ones that would not disturb the mind.

Thoughts are of two kinds: working thoughts and playing thoughts. In working thoughts, you get tensed up, you become anxious. In playing thoughts, you are relaxed. So, convert all of your thoughts into playing thoughts. Play while you work. Let it be a continuous play. There is nothing else you should be doing in your life. Just play, play, play.

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