October 3

What Came for Your Head Took Away Your Hat

Selfish thoughts disturb the mind. When the mind is disturbed, the body gets disturbed. This is how some accidents occur. That is why the condition of the mind is very important. If the mind is serene and peaceful, many accidents could be avoided.

By keeping your mind calm, you can win over your karma. If you change your mind you can annihilate your karma. It’s not necessary for the karma to bind you. If you have peace of mind, even if karma comes you may not know it. It will just come. There is a South Indian saying, “What came for your head, took away your hat.” The karma came to take your head, but because of your peace of mind and presence of mind, it just took your hat away. That was enough to nullify the karma.

Even if the karma is really going to affect you, let it affect you. But remain peaceful. Stay calm. Don’t give room for thoughts such as, “Oh, karma is more powerful, somehow it is going to affect me terribly!” Then you’re already affected. Even the very thought, “No, I think it will never leave me alone,” invites the karma to come and then it will come. Just stay calm, cool and live in the golden present.

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