October 29

Nobody Can Replace You

Divine Will has no tinge of selfishness. Ego means selfishness, “I,” “me,” “I am doing it for my sake.” So whatever you will to do for your sake is egoistic and will have its own return. We have to face it. But without the ego, we would say, “Some Cosmic Power makes me work. The God in me motivates me. God sent me here and is making me do everything. I am an instrument. God gave me everything and may take it all back. Nothing belongs to me. Not even the body belongs to me.”

We should perform all our actions with this feeling, free from egoism. That is Divine Will. Your conscience prompts you, not the ego. The conscience will always say, “It’s good for everybody.” Don’t even pray, “Let me be happy. Help me. Make me good.” Always think in terms of the cosmos: “Sarveshaam swastir bhavatu.” “May all be happy.” So, keep on dinning it into the mind, “Thy Will be done. It’s all for Jesus, all for Moses, all for Buddha, all for Allah.”

Use any name, it doesn’t matter. “All for the ashram. All for the Cosmic Consciousness. Nothing for me. I’m not even eating for my sake. I am eating because I have to serve.” That should be the thought behind our every act. The minute you begin to live that way, your life will be totally, totally different. You will enjoy supreme joy. You will not be affected by these petty little things.

We should always roar like lions, “I am that I am! I am ever joyful, ever peaceful! None of this nonsense will affect me!” We must have that strength and courage. Even if you act temporarily, “I am a super yogi!” for one week, you will see the difference. It’s not just to be read, or heard or preached. It should be lived. And you can live that life. Don’t say, “Oh, that’s only fit for saints. I’m just an ordinary person.” You are not ordinary.

If you were ordinary, you wouldn’t even be here. Nobody is ordinary here. No. Even a thorn has a purpose. It has been placed here for a particular cause and it’s unique in its place. Nothing can be substituted for that. Nobody can replace you. You are unique in your position. Don’t try to compare yourself with others. You are all-important. Everybody is needed in this cosmos. Be proud of your existence. 

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