October 28

It Is the Teachings

Question: When the master is not physically present, how can the disciple be sure that he or she is following the master’s guidance?

Sri Gurudev: If you just look within, “What would my master tell me if he or she were right here sitting in front of me?”, you will get the answer. “Yes, he has spoken about that many times. I know what he would say to me.” Then follow it; you have the master, or the spiritual guide, or the Guru there. The Guru is not just the physical body; it is the teachings. Even if you don’t have a Guru, even if you have no one to advise you, if you learn to listen within, your own conscience will guide you. The Guru is not a person somewhere. Your conscience always tells you what is right and what is wrong. That is the Guru within. Listen to that, and follow it.

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