October 25

You Must Do All That You Can
to Attract That Person

If you want God, what should you do? Simply sit and cry? No. You should serve God. If you really want to attract somebody, if you want to get somebody’s love, you must serve that person. You must do all that you can to attract that person so he or she will love you. You give everything, even your life, to that person. It’s also like that with God. God is here in the form of humanity, in the form of nature. So you say, “I am ready to give anything and everything in the name of God.” Serve, serve, serve. That doesn’t mean you just simply go, sit in a corner and cry.

Serving God is loving God. By serving and loving, you get God’s Grace. You make God love you. A devotee is not a useless person simply sitting and crying. He or she serves everybody, everything in the name of God. Serving and loving are the ways to attain God. What is God? Who is that? Peace of mind is God. So you are ready to renounce anything and everything to retain your peace, and that is God. You can never maintain that peace if you are running after things, if you are looking for that peace outside. God is in you in the form of peace and joy.

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