October 24

You Don’t Need to Do Anything

Everything is empty without God. Marriage, an ashram, even sannyas (monkhood) is empty if there’s no God. Each one is trying to find that joy through different ways. To find God, you don’t need to do anything. Neither taking sannyas, nor having a family, nor living in an ashram, nor having anything is going to bring God. The minute you know that everything is nothing but emptiness, the minute you realize that God cannot be gotten from outside by doing something, then you have God.

Some marry and try to get God. Some renounce and try to get God. They all ultimately want to find that joy. We should all know that it’s not by doing a certain thing or by not doing a certain thing that you are going to achieve this. It’s the attitude in the mind, not the state or position. It doesn’t matter what you are, what you do. It’s the knowledge. That’s why whether it is a renounced life or a married life is immaterial. Learn to keep your peace.

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