October 2

Walk on the Earth Like Liberated Gods

Human birth is a great opportunity for us. According to the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, which believe in reincarnation, you have been passing through hundreds and thousands of births. Now you have been given this human birth, where you have a little freedom to think, to find out the ways and means to get out of the continuous cycle. This is the opportunity. If you are going to miss this, you don’t know when you will have another chance. You might get caught in the whirlpool again.

So don’t waste this life. Human life is not just to satisfy the senses. We have done that before in many other births. Even an animal eats, sleeps, begets children. They marry, even without the help of a priest or rabbi. What are you doing beyond that? You may earn a lot of money and build skyscrapers; haven’t you seen birds building beautiful hanging palaces? They swing in the air. Can you build a nest like that? Can you build an anthill? How many special separate apartments are there in the anthill? Who is the architect, who is the engineer? Where did they study? In your colleges and universities?

We are so proud, but the animals just laugh at us. In what way are we superior then? Not by building houses and comfortable vehicles or begetting more children or making ourselves beautiful. You can never make yourself more beautiful than a peacock, however much you rub, scrub and put on makeup. A butterfly is a thousand times more beautiful than you and I.

What is it that we want then? The only thing that differentiates human beings from the other animals is the urge to get out of this vicious cycle, to know our true nature. That is our first and foremost duty. If we miss this opportunity, no one knows when we are going to get it again.

Get out of this whirlpool while there is still time and energy. Become great servants of humanity. Renounce all the selfish shells. Be liberated. Walk on the earth like liberated gods, representations of God, the true children of God. Shed the light of God wherever you go. Let people see the light in you and see their light with the help of your light. 

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