October 18

Make Your Entire Life an Act of Worship

If you sit and meditate, that’s good; but what are you doing the rest of the time? Are you also meditating then? Whatever you do, do it as a meditation. That is important. If you are doing your job as a meditation, you don’t even need to sit and meditate. But are you able to do that? If not, then meditation is a preparation for you. When you sit for meditation, you are preparing yourself to apply that meditative attitude in all your actions.

Puja or formal worship is also like that. To make the entire life an act of worship, you begin here. You are taking a vow, “My every act should be a worship like this.” It’s almost like practicing at home before coming on stage. Once you are an expert dancer, you don’t have to practice at home. At any time you can just get up onto the stage. Still, even the experts need a little rehearsal. That is where the puja comes in. A little rehearsal before you begin the day. If you don’t have much time, a little time will do. It need not be elaborate. The scriptures say, “God is happy with a simple form of worship.” God does not look for your formalities. God looks at your heart. God sees with what kind of heart you are worshipping.

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