October 15

Your Not Knowing Is the Darkness

Where there is light, certainly there is darkness also. What is darkness? Absence of light. When you don’t recognize the light, you see darkness. What is dark to you is bright to a cat or a tiger or a bat. It’s all relative. And when you have one, you have the other also. You can’t only have one side of the coin.

But the moment that you know that darkness is a part of the whole, it’s not darkness anymore. The real darkness lies in your ignorance of what it is. Your not knowing is the darkness. The minute you know, you respect both sides, and it’s no longer darkness. Don’t we respect both day and night? We want both day and night. Night makes the day complete.

Pleasure and pain are also two sides of the same coin. If you only want pleasure and hate pain, you become miserable. After one, the other is certain to follow. When it comes and you don’t want it, you fight it. Instead, we must recognize that life is like that.

If someone is nice to you and you demand that he or she must always be nice to you, always respect you, then you are seeing only one side. If the other side comes, you deny the person, you hate the person. You should know that the other side will also be there. Love that person for the other side also. Then you are in a different light where there’s no darkness at all. That’s what you call Supreme Light. That Light is not like this light that casts a shadow; that Light is a shadowless Light. Once you go into that state, you still see the light and darkness, but you respect them both.

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