October 14

Everything Happens According to God’s Will

Even though individuals have their own will, ultimately God’s Will will win. Can human beings do anything against God’s Will? No. Nothing that is against God’s Will will ever happen. A certain thing will happen only if God’s Will okays it. Otherwise it won’t. We should trust completely. If we have trust, then even if others do or say something to us, we needn’t have any negative feeling about them. We needn’t even think that they’re being negative to us. They cannot be negative to us without God’s Will. Why should our good God allow one person to have negative feelings against another? If that’s happening, there must be some reason for it. We shouldn’t even call it a negative feeling. It’s a positive feeling that seems to be hurting me, and so I call it negative. If others cause us difficulty, we call them negative people; but nobody can cause us difficulty without God’s Will. That means in some way or other we deserve to face such people; so those people are simply acting as instruments of God.

God uses some people to give us an experience. It’s all for our education. Rewarding and punishing both come from God, and are for our benefit. If we think that way, we won’t be projecting negative vibrations toward the people who we think are negative to us. See? Even by thinking that they are negative, you are projecting a negative image. It’s hard for you to love the people who project a negative image toward you, because you feel they are negative. The minute you say, “She is negative to me, but I am going to love her anyway,” you are trying to force yourself to love that person. Instead, if you treat her as an instrument of God and feel, “God is doing something to me through that individual, but she is a beautiful person,” then there is no negative feeling and no negative person. And it is easy for you to be loving. You don’t need to force yourself to love someone.

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