October 13

You Are Married to God Already

Question: What is the best way to handle being attracted to or distracted by someone?

Sri Gurudev: If you’re attracted to someone, deal with it by saying, “You are very attractive. Thank you. God has created you as an attractive person, wonderful. Keep yourself attractive.” Bless the person. If you get distracted by that person, stay away a little. Because the distraction to your mind is worse than getting him or her. What is the use of getting the person and losing your peace? Peace is more important.

There is a pretty young man or young woman always with you: the peace within. You are wedded to that. God has given you that. We are all married to that peace. Let us not disturb it or divorce it to get someone else. If others come without disturbing your peace, wonderful. But if anything is going to disturb your peace and separate you from your first wed partner, say, “I am already married, thank you.” That peace is what you call God. You are married already to God. God is the only partner. So, never divorce God for the sake of another.

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