October 11

Learn to Love Everyone Equally

What is the sign of a wise person, a godly person? He or she loves everyone equally, unconditionally, no matter what. Even the person who denies God is loved by God, is it not so? If God didn’t love that person, God would immediately take the life force away from him or her. Why would God even keep the person alive? If God doesn’t want any scriptures to be burned, God will keep all the matchboxes away from that person. It’s not impossible for God. God loves not only the person who praises, who builds churches, who talks nicely about God, but even the one who denies God. That’s what you call Cosmic Love.

You don’t need to be doing great things. In your own small way, among your neighbors, around your house, see that you are a friend to everyone. Learn to love everyone equally, no matter what he or she is.

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