October 10

For the One Who Weaves,
There’s No Need for a Monkey

Learn the lesson, “God, You sent me here for a purpose. You know what to give me, how much to give me, when to give it to me, and how to give it to me, in order for me to do my part of the work. If I need some instrument, You will give me that. If I need some companion, You will give me that companion. If I need some money to do my service to You, You will send me the money.”

The mere fact that you are not getting something means that God thinks you don’t need it. How nice life would be if we could just remember this. If you don’t get it, think, “God probably thinks I don’t need it. If I need it, even if I say, ‘No, I don’t want it,’ God will force it into my hand.”

There is a beautiful South Indian proverb, “For the one who weaves, there’s no need for a monkey.” When you use a hand-weaving machine, you work with delicate, thin yarns. And if you have a monkey for a pet, you are not going to weave much of anything. Because, as you know, monkeys like to imitate everything. So that means if you are interested in weaving, you shouldn’t keep a monkey as a pet.

If God created you for weaving, God won’t give you a monkey even if you want it. If God decides to give you a monkey, God will train the monkey to help you in weaving. Maybe to push the shuttle. We should have that kind of faith. That kind of acceptance won’t come unless you have tremendous faith in God. Tremendous faith in a higher force, in the consciousness that sent you here, and that functions through you.

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