November 5

It’s Still a Dry Leaf

Speak less and only speak about what is to be spoken of. Control of the tongue is very important. The tongue does two things: tasting and talking. Have limitations in both. Speak less, speak softly and speak the truth. Occasionally stay away from talking completely and experience silence.

By talking we expose our ignorance and create a lot of enemies. It’s not easy to talk and still be respected. If it were my choice, I would prefer to be silent. But then I think, “Why should I be silent? Am I talking? No. Someone makes me talk, and I talk. If God makes me keep quiet, I will keep quiet.” That’s all. When you have this feeling, the talking is not your talking. You are just a speaker, and somebody else is talking through it. So you don’t need to worry about that.

Don’t have any want of your own. Whatever has to happen through you, let it happen. If you are made to talk, talk. If you are made to sleep, sleep. If you are made to eat, eat. Then you don’t need to worry about any of these things.

Resign yourself completely into the hands of God, into the hands of the unseen power that functions through you. You will be contented. “This is where you placed me. I am here. Tomorrow you may throw me into the ditch, I will be happy there also.” Like a dry leaf. Suppose the wind comes and the leaf gets carried up and dropped on the top of a church. If another gust comes and it is thrown on top of a manure pile, then what? It’s still a dry leaf. No matter where it lands, it just says, “Well, You are the one who placed me here, fine. Maybe You have a purpose for that.” That’s what you call total acceptance. Trust in God; then all of life will be joyful and peaceful.

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