November 4

Just Be Contented

Question: I feel a strong desire to be a mother and part of a family unit, yet I haven’t met a man to begin this family with. I sometimes become impatient and anxious, begin to lack faith and trust and feel pressured because of my age. Do you have any suggestions?

Sri Gurudev: God has a purpose for having you here, but you may want to do something of your own. If God really wanted you to get married and have a family, even if you didn’t want it, somebody would have come and kidnapped you.

Sometimes we want many things, but the Higher Will says, “It’s not good for you. I have not created you for that purpose.” Or, “You are not ready for it.” You might say, “No, I am thirty-three. I am ready.” Well, to God maybe you are still a thirty-three-month-old baby. You think you are ready but God still says no. We sometimes think that we all should be doing the same thing. That is not so. It is that Cosmic Consciousness, which we call God, that created everything and everybody for a certain purpose. The purpose need not be the same for everyone.

God functions through all the people to fulfill God’s cosmic mission. Maybe you are supposed to do something without getting into family life. By not accepting that, you are not fulfilling your duty as a single person; neither are you getting into family life as you wanted. So you are losing both. You are neither following God’s Will, nor following your will. You are revolting against God: “I don’t want to be like that. I want to be like this.” And God is not allowing you to be the way you want. When you don’t want to be that and God doesn’t want you to be this, it’s a constant fight.

We all have some purpose to fulfill. You are unique in your place. Just be contented: “God has created me for some purpose. Let me fulfill whatever it is. Even if I don’t know what I am doing.” If you ask, God will say, “I have a purpose for you. Just wait. I don’t need to be using everybody, every day, all the time.” So just be contented. If God wants a grandson, God will certainly send some nice fellow to you. God will send you whatever you need to fulfill that purpose.

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