November 3

Whatever You Do, Do It Peacefully, Gently

Question: I want to help bring peace to the world. How can I make an impact? Should I join a politically active group? Or can one person accomplish more through meditation, prayer and chanting?
Sri Gurudev: I would say prayer, chanting and meditation would be more helpful. If you still want to join a group, all right; but don’t become a radical. Don’t create more violence in trying to remove violence. You can join hands, but whatever you do, do it peacefully, gently. And if you can’t find a group like that, do it yourself.

Think, send your prayers. Sincere, heartfelt prayers will spread out all over the globe, and all those who are ready will receive them. More than anything else, know that you are just doing your part, but ultimately, it’s all in the hands of the One who created the world. God knows how to handle it. You are simply playing a small part.

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