November 29

A Mantra Is Nothing But God

God has no form as such, but the scriptures say that God manifests as sound. “In the beginning, was the Word.” A mantra is a sacred word; so by repeating the mantra, you are in direct communication with God, with that higher energy. When you feel that, you say, “Let me continuously repeat Your name, think of You, feel that You are working through me every minute. Without You I cannot live. I cannot even breathe. I am completely in Your hands—like a little baby in the arms of the mother. If some difficulty comes, all I know is to cry. You know immediately why I am crying.”

If we really want God, we don’t have to do anything. Just cry. So in repeating the mantra, you are literally crying, calling God’s name. You should have that sincere trust. Mere repetition brings benefit, but it will be many-fold if you do it with real feeling, with this total confidence.

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