November 28

The World Is God

You don’t have to think of the meaning to meditate on OM. Just simply repeat: “OM, OM, OM, OM.” When you repeat OM you hear your own sound. When you close your eyes and say, “OM, OM, OM, OM,” you’ll be hearing your own sound, is it not? So listen to that sound. Don’t think of anything else. If any other thought comes, bring the mind back. Try to listen to OM. If I speak to you, you listen to me. You hear my words, is it not so?

In the same way, you can hear your own words. The word here is OM. Say “OM, OM, OM, OM.” See? You can hear that, no? That’s good. That’s enough. That’s the best way to meditate on OM. You don’t have to worry about such things as, “What is it, why is it, how is it?” You don’t have to think about it. Just think of that sound. Think of the sound that OM produces. Dwell on the sound of OM itself.

The sound is not different from God. What is God? God is sound. The Bible says God is the Word. The Word is God. So God and Word are not different. In the same way, God and OM are not different. When you say, “OM, OM,” God is talking to you, humming to you. Listen to that. Like a baby listens to the music of the lullaby sung by its mother. It listens to that and slowly goes to heaven. In the same way, the mind will hear OM and slowly become absorbed into that. You don’t have to think about anything. Otherwise you are thinking, not meditating.

The best meditation is not to think of anything. Yes, simply “OM, OM, OM, OM, OM, OM, OM.” If you like it, try it.

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