November 27

Am I Not God’s Beloved?

As spiritual seekers, we don’t need to be bound by our karma, bound by these planets, astrology, this and that. We should know, “I am seeking the help from the highest One. Day by day, I am coming closer and closer and closer to God. I completely trust in God. Nothing can happen to me.” You may say, “But, things do happen to me.” They happen because you don’t have that kind of faith. If things happen even with such faith, then say, “Yes, God is making it happen for my benefit.” Accept it. “God is giving me these experiences for my benefit. Maybe it has to be that way. I have to go through that. I have to be rubbed and scrubbed.”

If you have that kind of trust, everything is easy. If not, it’s very difficult. That’s why, if there’s one quality a seeker must have, it’s unshakable faith. If you have faith, you don’t need to worry about anything; you will be given the strength to accept everything: “I believe in God. I have given myself into God’s hands. Whatever happens, happens because God allows it to happen. And it’s for my good. If it weren’t for my good, why would God allow it to happen? Is God not powerful? Am I not God’s beloved?” That’s what you call true devotion, true faith in God.

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