November 23

They Love You

If you cannot be loving with your parents, you’re not going to be loving with God either. But at the same time, you come across very hard parents who don’t want to understand their children. To such parents I say, “Open up a little. The world has changed. If your child is happy and contented with what you have given, why would he or she be pushing you away? There’s nothing wrong in wanting to expand, to learn more. Don’t you want him or her to be happy? Your son or daughter is growing in the right direction. If you really love your child, let him or her go.” But whatever happens, no seeker, no young person should ever hate his or her parents; you’ll never grow by hating.

You should try and try and try to get the blessings of the parents for your spiritual growth. Try your best. Sometimes if the parents are really against your spiritual pursuit, tell them, “All right, Mom, Dad, if you really don’t want me to follow that, would you prefer for me to go to nightclubs and drink or take drugs? Then will you be happy?”

Ask them. “Oh, no, we don’t want you to do that.” “Then why can’t you allow me to do this? What is the use of both of us being unhappy? Let me say goodbye to you.” There comes a time when the truth reveals itself. There will be a beautiful reunion. It has happened in many cases. But don’t give up hope. The parents always want the best for your welfare. They love you. I’ve never seen any parents who would want to see their children ruined. No. Others perhaps, but not the father and mother.

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