November 18

Wear the Mantra As Your Armor

Question: Would you please give us some advice for what to do during those times when we are more aware of the devil inside?

Sri Gurudev: Be careful. Watch every one of your actions. At the same time, look for help. The devil is powerful, no doubt. You cannot handle him by yourself. If you say, “I can win over him,” you might fail. So it’s at such times that you say, “God, I cannot do it by myself. I need Your help.” Think of God more. Pray sincerely, repeat your mantra more. If the devil knows that you’re calling for help, he won’t just stand there. He knows that you’re calling somebody greater than himself. He knows that he is in trouble. He wants to save his life. The mantra is your help. Shout it.

The mantra is your protection and a shield around you. Wear the mantra as your armor. There’s no greater power than that. It’s the devil against the Divine. But you must have that kind of confidence. If you don’t have that confidence and you still shout, the devil knows that. You should be totally, totally confident in what you are doing. The devil can read your mind. He knows how strongly you are calling, how sincere you are. If you have faith even the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains.

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