November 16

Who Is Great?

I’m sure you must have had at least a glimpse of God, otherwise you would not even be reading a book like this. Unfortunately, we seldom see that reflection of God inside, which is in you as you. The duty of the spiritual teacher is to act as a mirror to show you the Light within. And it is the Light within that helps you to realize God. That Light does not shine just within a few individual sages or saints.

If you care to learn, you can learn from anything and everything. A speck of dust can teach you something. A plant can teach you something. A seed can teach you something. A worm, bird, a beast, a stone can teach you something. You can learn something from a thief. If you really want to learn, everything can teach you. The unfortunate thing is that everyone wants to teach, no one wants to learn.

Sage Thiruvalluvar says, “Who is great? The one who does what is not easy.” Anybody can do everyday things: find a little food and a little shelter, build a family, have a little fun. There’s no greatness in it. Many people do that. Even animals do that. So what should we do that is difficult? Know the Truth. It’s for that sake you need the help of someone who has already seen the Light.

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