November 14

Don’t Even Run After God

Be a good person, do good things, be happy, be peaceful. Don’t allow your peace and joy to get ruined, not even in the name of God. If God doesn’t want to come to you, let God do what God is supposed to be doing. You don’t need to go and beg. When you are ready, God will come.

Yes. Stop running after God and God will run after you. Say: “God, I’m not very keen about looking for You. I know when I am ready You will come to me. Just take Your time.” The mere anxiety in looking for God itself will disturb your mind. Not wanting anything means that you don’t even want God. Stay away from all the wants. Then all the things you once wanted will want you, including God. Remember that.

Don’t ever, ever run after anything or anybody, including God. Stay where you are and say, “I am content, I am happy to be what I am. If anything comes to me, let it come in its own time. I am not in a hurry. I’m not going to run after anything.”

That’s what you call contentment. Contentment is purity of heart, not a heart that is anxiously searching for something. When you have that contentment, everything is golden to you. Gradually learn to rise above all your wants. Keep your body and mind totally easeful and peaceful. Let things come and go as nature wants, as God wants. There is a Cosmic Awareness that will function through you. Don’t put your ego in the middle and create an impediment for that Awareness to function through. We create a lot of impediments along the way.

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