November 13

Many, Many Things Can Happen
Through Prayer

When you pray, you send out healing vibrations and good thoughts into the cosmos. They circulate there. If you pray for a particular individual, no matter where that individual is, your thought forms go there and reach that person. The person may not even know that you are praying for his or her welfare, but will be able to receive it and be helped. Sometimes your prayers are universal; in that case, those who have an open sail will catch it. But you can personalize it also, and it will certainly be received.

If a person’s karma is strong and your prayer is not that strong, you cannot even penetrate into it. Then what’s the use of praying? When others know that so many people are praying for them, it will give them comfort. And even if some people don’t want your prayer, you can still pray. By praying for others, you get the benefit yourself, because you are opening up your own heart. You are showing your compassionate side. Your mind gets purified when you pray for others. You become a better person. Through your prayer you are expressing your faith in God.

It’s not that karma can be alleviated or even eradicated by prayers. Instead, your prayers act as an anesthesia so that the person doesn’t go through the operation with pain.

In numerous ways, prayer certainly helps. It is a powerful, powerful practice. Many, many things can happen by prayer. Radical minds may not accept or understand it. But a sincere prayer that comes from a faithful heart can perform miracles. So have that faith. Pray for yourself, pray for others. You will certainly purify your heart.

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