May 8

What Would People Be Saying About You?

If you died this minute, what would people be saying about you? If the majority of people would feel sorry about your departure, if they would feel they had gotten a lot of help from you and that you hadn’t hurt anyone, then certainly God is happy with you and the gates of heaven are open to you.

To get God’s Grace means to get the grace of your neighbors. God doesn’t need your worship and service directly. Worship the Creation, and you have worshipped God. Serve the Creation, and you have served God.

Let us think of these points and see if we can do something to make our life a little better, a little more peaceful, a little more useful. If it is not useful, at least let it be harmless. The essence of all religions is this: just be good and do good. Then God will be happy with you, and you will find real peace and joy in your life.

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