May 7

Be Worriless

Preparation for sleep is more important than sleeping itself. As soon as you walk into the house, don’t just jump into bed and expect to get a good night’s sleep. First release your soles from your shoes, have a nice shower and put on some loose, comfortable clothing. As you loosen your body, loosen your mind also. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Know that you have done today’s job within your capacity.

Talk to God: “God, by Your grace I have done something today, and I think I have finished my day. If You want me to do something tomorrow, I know You will wake me up. If You think I haven’t done my job well and I’m just creating more problems, let my sleep be longer.”

Know that if God wants you to get up, you will get up the next day. With that, resign yourself completely and just relax. That will happen only when you put your trust in something higher. God sent you here and is working through you; God has done today’s job. God may use you tomorrow. Be worriless like a baby. Don’t put too much responsibility on your shoulders.

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