May 4

Get into Their Boat

Question: How do I know the difference between going with the flow and being out of control?

Sri Gurudev: That’s where you should learn to apply moderation; be neither too tight nor too loose. If you can’t figure it out by yourself, seek the aid of someone who can help you. Consult a more experienced person. Every situation you come across will be different.

When you say go with the flow, do you mean the flow of the world? If so, then that’s not a good idea. Don’t just go with the flow of the world. Go with the flow of the people who are going in the right direction. Join them. Get into their boat. The company you choose will help you in many, many ways.

Unfortunately, in the name of making a little money or feeding ourselves, we sometimes put ourselves in a terrible situation, or in the wrong atmosphere. We think that finding a little food and getting some money are the most important things. It’s not so. Saving yourself, raising your standards, serving others, maintaining your peace—these are the most important things in life. For the sake of these things, you should learn to give up anything that’s not necessary and to hold onto anything that is useful.

If you really want to go with the flow of God, surrender yourself completely to God. That requires real courage. Surrendering is not easy. You have to positively say, “Whatever comes to me is God’s Will. I’m ready to face it, ready to accept it whatever it is—good or bad, wonderful or terrible.”

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