May 30

At Least You Should Know
Why You Are Not Seeing God

Sri Ramakrishna said, “Before you see God we will go to the Ganges so you can take a bath.” He took the young man to the Ganges and said, “All right, dip.” But when he dipped into the water, Sri Ramakrishna held him under. Immediately the devotee started fighting for his breath. When the saint realized that he would not be able to stay under the water any longer, he let him up.

As the young man stood gasping on the riverbank, Sri Ramakrishna asked him, “What were you thinking while you were in the water? Were you thinking of your money, your wife, your son, your name, your fame, your profession?”

“All I was thinking about was a little air!”

“Aha. When you can think of God like that, you’ll see God right away.”

Now you know what kind of one-pointed yearning for God is required. I don’t expect everyone to get to that point right away, but at least you should know why you are not seeing God. You can’t blame anyone else for it. Although sometimes people try to. They blame the technique or the teacher or the mantra. You really don’t even need any technique, any mantra, anything, if you have that kind of one-pointed mind.

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