May 3

I Am Taking Care of All These People

Question: Please speak on the relationship between employers and employees.

Sri Gurudev: In a way, each depends on the other. If there are no employees, there are no employers. If there are no employers, there are no employees. The only difference is “ers” and “ees.” So employers should know that if they don’t take care of the employees, they cannot survive nor grow. They should think, “Yes, it’s an opportunity for us to serve the people. God has given us some wealth, some intelligence and with these we are doing our jobs; through these businesses, we are taking care of all these people.” They should feel, “We are serving them,” not that they are helping them. God is the only one who can help us all; so each of us serves the other. And employers should not take all the money and go to Las Vegas. They should convert that money by giving it back to the employees and taking care of their welfare so that they can keep working. It’s a mutual give and take. Each one, employer and employee, should think of the welfare of the other.

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