May 22

What Am I Doing It For?

Just be happy, have fun, enjoy life and don’t get caught. When I say, “don’t get caught,” I am not talking about someone else catching you. I am talking about your own mind. Choose the kind of fun that won’t bind you. If a certain kind of fun will bring you unhappiness later on, then it’s not fun at all. Our goal is unending joy.

Sometimes people think that to be a spiritual seeker or a good, religious person means being always very serious. They think that such a person can’t have fun, can’t laugh. That is no kind of life. Life means being always joyful, always happy, jubilant. Every minute should be a celebration. Every minute should be a festivity. That is possible only if you keep your mind in good shape and don’t allow it to get into mischief.

Be conscious of all your actions. Before you do anything, question yourself. “What am I doing it for? To be happy, to have fun. Okay, will it be fun always or will it only be fun for a little while and then start creating problems? Will anyone be hurt by it? How long can I be happy? Will there be an end? What is the price I have to pay?” After all this analysis, if your answer is, “Yes. I will always be happy. It will never bind or bother me,” then go ahead. Remember, our intention is to enjoy life, to be happy always—nothing less than that.

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