May 15

Clean Money

Don’t work thinking only of your salary. If God is satisfied with your work, God will give you plenty. You will get your salary, and more, from many other sources. Think of your job as an opportunity to serve, not just an opportunity to make money. If you work with that serviceful attitude, then whatever you make will be clean money, well-earned money that will certainly bring health and happiness to you. It’s not how much money we make, but how we make it that’s important.

God knows how to adjust things. Sometimes we get into some unexpected trouble. You lose something, break something, or fall sick and give hundreds of dollars to the doctors. Why? Because the money that you earned was not clean, so it has to be taken away by someone. If we can earn clean money we won’t have these problems.

Clean money comes from honest work. What you give should be at least a little more than what you get. That is what you call Karma Yoga. It will make the money that comes to you into clean money.

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