March 9

Don’t Do It Half Way

If you want to experience the truth that everything happening is the Divine Will, you have to accept it totally. If you sleep, it’s the Divine Will that makes you sleep. If you overeat, it’s the Divine Will that makes you overeat. If you fall sick, that’s Divine Will also. You must accept it all as Divine Will.

If you feel that something from outside prompts you to do it, that is Divine Will. You need never feel guilty about it. Something may prompt you from within, and your ego may say, “Do it. Go ahead.” If you really feel that everything is Divine Will, even that prompting from your ego comes from the higher source.

You may be directed to save a life; that’s Divine Will. Your ego may tell you, “Go and eat a lot of pizza!” If you have the attitude I’m talking about, you will know that this is also Divine Will. Afterward you should not feel guilty, since it was the Divine Will.

Don’t do this halfway. Either feel that it is all Divine Will or it is all your will.

If you totally trust the Divine Will, it will not bring conflict. Even if your ego prompts you to do something wrong, God will say, “She is completely trusting Me. Her ego is prompting this, but she is doing it in My name. I should stop it.” God will take care of your ego for you.

It is easy to talk about, but very hard to practice. Until you achieve that highest surrender, you can think, “Whatever mistake I do is from my weakness. It’s my ego that makes me do these things.” If everything is nice, “Ah. God must have prompted me to do this. That is why it has come out well.” That way you are always safe.

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