March 7

Send Out The Prayers

Don’t think that because you pray, somebody gets healed. No. God is not to be fooled that way. He didn’t give someone a problem because you didn’t pray. He did it to teach that person a lesson. By praying for someone, you open your heart. You become more compassionate; and of course your prayerful thoughts will reach the person being prayed for. If the person deserves to receive them, he will. Even if that happens, don’t think that your prayer literally cured him. Your prayer helped him.

Peaceful and healing thought forms spread, and the person who is ready to receive gets healed. That is the power of prayer. Prayers bring powerful thoughts. If the sick person really looks for it and wants it, he or she can use it. You simply make it available. But you cannot force it onto him. If his previous offence was that big, his own destiny might cause him to reject the prayer. Such a person cannot be helped.

Don’t think that because you appeal to God, God simply obeys you. That would mean that God doesn’t love that person, and will only help him because you prayed. No. You should remember that each one is God’s child. God doesn’t wait for your prayers in order to take care of His children.

Your duty is simply to send the prayers. If the person for whom you’re praying is ready, he or she will receive the prayer. If not, somebody else might get the benefit. That is why we pray for the entire world.

Send out the prayers, broadcast. Whoever tunes in, will receive it.

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