March 6

The Reason Is To Teach Us Some Lesson

Nothing happens without a reason. The reason is to teach us some lesson. There is always a good lesson in whatever happen to us, even in the midst of our losses. I don’t mean only in material losses; it’s that way even with losses of our near and dear. The whole world is a university, and we and all here learning. Every individual should think, “I am the only student. Everyone and everything are my professors.”

How many families have we had? How many fathers, how many mothers, how many wives and husbands, how many children? Don’t think this is the only life you have lived. You have had hundreds of lives before, and you will have many more. There is only one unchanging Father and Mother, that Cosmic Consciousness. All others are simply helping you to pass through.

In a way, even our kith and kin, our own near and dear are educating us to this truth. We should learn to accept and understand that.

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