March 3

To Which Category Do You Belong?


We all have a duty toward our children, our parents, our neighbors, our sisters, our brothers, toward everything with which we come into contact. We have a duty toward the land that brings us food, toward the rain that brings us water, toward nature. We are constantly getting things from nature, and we have to return something in some form to that nature, to God.

This is what the Hindu scriptures call yagnya, or sacrifice. What is sacrifice? To give at least a little more than you get. There are several types of people in the world. One group always gets and never gives anything back; they are called thieves. Another group gets a lot and gives a little; they are debtors. The third group gets one hundred percent and gives back one hundred percent; they are fair business people. Whatever you get, you give back. Then you are not a debtor, you are not a thief; you are a fair business person.

There is another group of people. They get something but they give back much more; they are better people.

The final group doesn’t get anything; they just give. They give all that they have. They know only giving. They are the best people. So the five categories are: The thief, the debtor, the business person, the better person, and the best or the super person. Out of the five, to which category do you belong?

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